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The 1998 iGeo - Lisbon, Portugal

"Belem, Portugal"                                                                                                                                     
Lisbon, Portugal - 1998 iGeo

After the prize giving ceremony of the second International Geography Competition (IGC) in Lisbon, mr. Rod Gerber, president of the Commission on Geographical Education of the IGU, asked the co-ordinators/organisers of IGC’96 in the Netherlands and IGC’98 in Portugal to evaluate their experiences.

This could be of great help to our Korean collegues who have accepted the task to organise the third edition of IGC in Seoel in 2000. This evaluation paper was drafted during a meeting of Dutch and Portuguese organisers in Manchester in April 1999. Present were mr. George Camacho (P), mr. Leon Vankan, mrs. Katie Oost and mr. Henk Ankoné (NL). Furthermore mrs. Manuela Ferreira (P), mr. Joop van der Schee (NL) and mr. Hartwich Haubrich (FRG) have been consulted. In this paper we will discuss a number of bottlenecks we have experienced. For every one of these topics we will briefly describe the present situation and possible alternatives. Finally we will formulate a proposal for improvement.

This evaluation paper will be sent to: prof. Rod Gerber, president of the Commission on Geographical Education prof. Eckart Ehlers, secretary of the IGU prof. Woo-ik Yu, chief organiser of IGU Congress 2000 mr. Doo-il Kim, co-ordinator of IGC 2000 the national organisations that send teams to IGC’96 and/or IGC’98.

Henk Ankoné (the Netherlands) & George Camacho (Portugal)
Full Evaluation Paper

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