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     Sue Lomas

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The 2018 iGeo - Québec City, Canada

Québec City is one of North America’s oldest cities and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1985. Québec City is also a modern metropolis of approximately 750,000 mainly French-speaking residents. It is an active economic pole with an international airport and a major tourist destination. Québec City began as the site of an Iroquoian village, became the colonial capital of the French and later British Empires in North America, and has been the capital of the province of Québec since 1867. Québec City also has a vibrant cultural and intellectual life. (cited from 2018 IGU Regional Conference official website.)

The 2018 iGeo will be held in Québec City from 31 July to 6 August, 2018, in association with the Regional Conference of the International Geographical Union. In relating to the overall IGU 2018 conference theme of “Appreciating Difference / Apprecier la difference” and highlighting the role of the natural landscape in the historical evolution of Quebec, the iGeo 2018 theme is:

Appreciating landscape

The physical geography of a place both shapes, and is influenced by, the human geography. Our field trips and poster sessions will focus on the appreciation of landscape diversity and the subsequent effects on human activity including population distribution, resource management, tourism, and the creation of protected areas.

More information can be found at the IGEO 2018 QUÉBEC website(incl. online registration). Queries about the event should be sent to the local organising committee. If you have general queries about the Olympiad, for instance about eligibility, those should go to the Task Force Co-Chair, Sue Lomas, at

We look forward to welcoming you to the iGeo in Canada in 2018. 
Yours sincerely

iGeo 2018 Local Organising Committee:

  • Co-Chair Matthew Hatvany, Ph.D., Professor of Geography at Université Laval
  • Co-Chair Lynn Moorman, Ph.D., Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Mount Royal University
  • Co-Chair Beth Dye, M.Ed., Vice-Principal at Twin Rivers Education Centre
  • Student Local Organizer Maxwell Bouchard, Graduate student at Université Laval
  • Student Local Organizer Julie Nadeau, Graduate student at Université Laval
  • Volunteer Coordinator Étienne Berthold, Ph.D.,Professor of Geography at Université Laval
  • Planning Support Ellen Curtis, Royal Canadian Geographical Society
  • Planning Support Chantal Déry, Ph. D., Professor at Université du Québec en Outaouais
  • Student Volunteer Coordinator Arielle Frenette, Graduate student at Université Laval
  • Planning Support Dan Shrubsole, Ph. D., Canadian Association of Geography
  • Volunteer Leaders: Marc-Elie Adaïmé, Maxime Lamoureux, Mathieu St-Pierre, Samuel Veilleux (all graduate students at Université Laval)
  • A special thanks to our priceless volunteers: Lori Barrett, Annye Boutiller, Catherine Brochu-Gosselin, Donald Cayer, Julie Francoeur, Hubert Larose-Dutil, Camille Latourelle-Vigeant, Sarah Major, Colleen Mosterd-McLean, Kim Pawliw, Anne-Gabrielle Poulin, Ana-Brigitte Poveda, Viviane Rivard, Nicolas Roy, Jade Talbot, Simon Turcotte, Richmond Yu, Pengtao Zhang.

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