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Website Sponsor:

We are grateful to the Local Organising Committee of the 17th IGEO in Istanbul for generously hosting an online competition for the 2021 IGEO. The dates are 11th-15th August. Closing date for registrations is April 20th 2021.

Further information and registration instructions are available on the website

The 2021 iGeo - Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is a city of unparalleled social and cultural richness. It is as fascinating and historical as it is dynamic and modern. Serving as the capital of two mighty empires incessantly for sixteen centuries, Eastern Roman or Byzantine and Ottoman, and set squarely between two continents, Istanbul has cultures and traditions that blend East with West and Mediterranean with Anatolian. Each civilization that has made Istanbul its home has left its mark in sublime and splendid ways, and the result a city that gives one the feeling of universal history at every step. With a definitely multicultural touch and a vibrant atmosphere rooted deep in the past experience of humanity while facing toward the future, Istanbul is truly as much a crossroads of ideas and cultures today as ever.

The 2021 iGeo will be held in Istanbul from 10 to 16 August, 2021. The theme is “Bridging the Continents”. The event is organized by the TURKISH GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY and ISTANBUL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY.

Important dates (see above)

  • 10 August – Arrival and Opening ceremony (Evening)
  • 15 August – Closing ceremony (Evening)
  • 16 August – Gold Medal Awards (Afternoon) and Post-iGeo Excursion (Evening)

iGeo 2021 Local Organising Committee (key members):

  • BARBAROS GÖNENÇGİL, IGU Vice President / Vice President, Turkish Geographical Society / PROF. DR. Istanbul University. (Chair)
  • MESUT SÜZER, Turkish Geographical Society Board Member, ENKA Schools (General Coordinator)
  • EYÜP ARTVİNLİ, PROF.DR., Eskişehir Osmangazi University (Exams & Academic Coordinator)
  • FÜGEN DEDE, Vice President, Turkish Geographical Society (Volunteer Organizer)
  • MÜBERRA ŞEMİN, ENKA Schools (Communication & Registration Coordinator)
  • BERTAN ARIN, ENKA Schools (Stage & Cultural Organization Coordinator)

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